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Hikvision Pyronix Enforcer for Business

The all-in-one wireless Enforcer control panel takes security to a new level.

  • Secured with 128-bit encryption between devices
  • Jamming detection to prevent attempts to disrupt the system
  • Animal immunity up to 25kg to prevent false alarms
  • Two-way communication ensures that no alarm messages are lost
  • Remotely arm and disarm your security system from your smart phone
  • 1.6km wireless transmission range
  • Wireless technology removes the risk of wires being cut
  • Long lasting alarm system batteries
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The New Breed of Wireless Alarms from Visonic

The most advanced wireless security technology, powering systems that lead in reliability and performance

  • Motion and temperature* detection in a single device
  • Front and back tamper protection
  • Built-in PowerG leading-edge wireless intrusion technology
  • VisonicGo App for iOS and Android devices
  • Remotely arm and disarm your security system from your smart phone
  • With PowerG wireless technology, there are no physical cables that can get cut
  • Wireless alarm system batteries last for up to 5-8 years. 
  • Unmatched wireless transmission range of up to 2,000m
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Power Master 30 Alarm System

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128-bit encryption

All the wireless components use a very high level of encryption to ensure the signal can not intercepted by anyone with malicilous intent. This ensures that your passcode stays totally secure at all times.

Protecting your business

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128-bit encryption

The new generation of wireless alarms use a very high level encryption to ensure signals cannot be intercepted by anyone with malicious intent.