Meet the Enforcer from Pyronix

Sadly, burglaries
are on the rise and by installing a burglar alarm you’re reducing the chances of becoming a victim of crime. Our burglar alarm systems
not only act as a deterrent but are reliable when called on

Enforcer V10

Enforcer V10

Enforcer all in one two-way wireless panel with DIGI-WIFI communicator

Wireless Indoor Detectors

The secure two-way wireless indoor detector has a range of 10 meters and built-in pet tollerent detection to prevent fault alarms.

Magnetic contact sensors

The magnetic contact sensors ensure that you are alerted if any of your windows or doors are opened whilst your alarm system is armed.

Wireless Key Fobs

The wireless key fob gives you a simple and easy way to arm and disarm your system.

Outdoor Siren

The Deltabell Plus features a fully backlit sounder with illuminated cover which is activated at night to provide an around-the-clock visual deterrent.

ProControl+ Allows you to control your alarm with your Smartphone


Pyronix Enforcer 10 Home Alarm System with ProControl+
2x Motion Sensors - Living Room, Landing
2x Door Contacts - Front & Back Door
Flashing Bell Box
2 Remote Keyfobs
FREE Pyronix Cloud Connection for 1 Year *Internet connection Required
Installation (5m Radius)
Pyronix Enforcer 10 Home Alarm System with ProControl+
3x Motion Sensors - Living Room, Kitchen, Landing
2x Door Contacts - Front & Back Door
Flashing Hex Bell Box
2 Remote Keyfobs
5 Prox Tags
Remote Arming Station
+ Carbon Monoxide Sensor?
FREE Pyronix Cloud Connection for 1 Year *Internet connection Required
Installation (5m Radius)
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Why choose the Enforcer?

PSI winner 3 years running

Besides the fact that the Enforcer won the PSI best alarm awards for 3 years running, there are plenty of reasons why it could be the best alarm for you.

Instant alerts by PUSH

Receive push notifications on alarm activations as well as arm and disarm events. Get notified the second your Pyronix home alarm system has been triggered.

co2 smoke alarm

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon Monoxide is colourless, oderless, and tasteless. Don’t take the risk.

The Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector provides you with an early visual and auditory warning of Carbon Monoxide preventing it poisoning or damaging the vital organs of anyone in the house hold.

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Home Control App
HomeControl+ App

Pyronix smart device applications provide users complete control and monitoring of our appenabled systems.

  • View your Alarm System status from anywhere
  • Split screen viewing
  • Easy navigation
  • Remotly arm and disarm your security system
Home Control App

When asked, 93% of burglars said they would avoid houses with alarms.

Contact Wireless Sensors

Ensuring the integrity of your doors and windows

Using the Two Way wireless protocol developed by Pyronix, the magnetic contact ensure the integrity of your windows and doors.

128-bit encryption

All the wireless components use a very high level of encryption to ensure the signal can not intercepted by anyone with malicilous intent. This ensures that your passcode stays totally secure at all times.

Why Pyronix Enforcer?

The all-in-one wireless Enforcer control panel takes
residential security to a new level.

  • Secured with 128-bit encryption between devices
  • Jamming detection to prevent attempts to disrupt the system
  • Animal immunity up to 25kg to prevent false alarms
  • Two-way communication ensures that no alarm messages are lost

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