SPRO 4 Camera 8MP TiOC Active Deterrence, 24/7 Colour, 2-Way Audio PoE CCTV Kit

£164.99 inc VAT

SPRO’s 8MP (4K) Active Deterrence cameras come feature packed with a red blue light LED and audible siren to deter would be intruders, a white white LED light built for 24/7 colourful videos, even in low-light conditions and a built-in microphone and speaker, allowing 2 way audio communication. All these features operate over a single RJ45 cable which also powers the camera over PoE. This system can be ordered with up to 4 cameras.

You can choose between 2 camera designs; turret and bullet. Check the product details for the differing features and add the required cameras to build your kit

The SPRO range of NVRs support the Dahua DMSS phone app for remotely viewing your CCTV cameras on your mobile and tablet, anywhere in the world! Complete with 2 year warranty

Note, images are for demonstration purposes. This CCTV self builder kit comes pre-bundled with the advertised channel network recorder by default. All other items including cameras are not pre-bundled and must be selected as per your requirements using the dropdown selection boxes

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