Sadly, burglaries happen. But by installing a Visonic Intruder alarm system you’re reducing the chances of becoming a victim of crime. Our burglar alarm systems are not only reliable when called on, but act as a great deterrent.


Visonic PowerMax Complete Alarm Package with Dialer
3x Pet PIRs - Living Room, Kitchen, Landing
2x Door Contacts - Front & Back Door
Flashing Bell Box
4 Prox Tags
2 Remote Keyfobs
Dials up to 4 people in the event of an alarm
Installation (5m Radius)
Visonic Powermaster 33 Alarm Panel Complete with Dialer, Ethernet Module for VisonicGo &
3x Pet PIRs - Living Room, Kitchen, Landing
2x Vanishing Door Contacts
Flashing Hex Bell Box
4 Prox Tags
2 Remote Keyfobs
Dials up to 4 people in the event of an alarm
IPLink3 IP Module
Seperate Keypad
VisonicGo Configured for your mobiles & Ipads
Installation (5m Radius)
Monitored alarms starting from £25 per month. Contact us for a custom quote
Visonic Intruder Alarm System Expanding the Boundaries of home Security We use Visonic PowerG technology to protect your home. Combining reliability, performance and an advanced feature set, Visonic’s PowerMaster intrusion alarm systems lead the wireless security market.
co2 smoke alarm
Carbon Monoxide Detection Carbon Monoxide is colourless, oderless, and tasteless. Don’t take the risk. The PowerG Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector provides you with an early visual and auditory warning of Carbon Monoxide preventing it poisoning or damaging the vital organs of anyone in the house hold.
Robustness and Reliability Multi-channel, frequency hopping technology overcomes frequency blocking and interference from wireless appliances Two-way communication ensures that no alarm messages are lost Devices dynamically adjust to wireless changes when communicating with the PowerMater panel An extended transmission range of up to 2000m/6500ft enables reliable communication with remote devices, even in difficult conditions or complicated infrastructures AES-128 for secured communication and maximum protection
Visonic Range
Wireless Door Contacts Ensuring the integrity of your doors and windows The preferred method of entry for a burglar is through an unlocked window or door. Available in white and brown, the wireless Visonic window and door contact sensors ensure the integrity of your windows and doors whether they are locked or unlocked as long as your alarm is set.
When asked, 93% of burglars said they would avoid houses with alarms.
Less wires, more security With PowerG wireless technology, there are no physical cables that can get cut, burned, or shorted. With PowerG’s “virtual cable” there is no threat from scissors, fire, and water, which means improved chances of surviving a fire, preventing a burglary, and securing your home or business.
Iron-clad protection With PowerG, you get the peace of mind that comes with a market-leading, tamper-proof system. Ultra-reliable, two-way encrypted communication and iron-clad protection that blocks interference deliver unparalleled cyber protection for your security system.
Long lasting batteries PowerG wireless alarm system batteries last for up to 5-8 years. These longer-lasting batteries are cost-effective, better for the environment, and provide long-term security for your home or business, with fewer technician visits.
No visible wires With PowerG there are no wires between the sensors and the control panel. That means no visible wires snaking along walls and no mess from opening up walls or floors to hide them. Your décor will remain just as it is, undisturbed.
Long range transmission PowerG goes the distance – further than other wireless security technologies – with an unmatched transmission range of up to 2,000m that can reach almost anywhere inside your building, and even to the outside. You’ll have full coverage, without the added cost of installing repeaters.
Your security with you 24/7 Take control of your security with the VisonicGo mobile app. Get instant push notifications instantly from your alarm system the moment an event is triggered View your CCTV from anywhere Split screen viewing Remotly arm and disarm your security system
visionic go app

Why Visonic Powermaster?

Visonic Powermaster set the standard for modern home alarm systems. Using Visonic’s revolutionary PowerG wireless network technology, the PowerMaster family of products comprehensively addresses the needs of alarm systems on a residential premises. Secure Wireless AES-128 Communication between devices Up to 8 years battery life with standard use Insurance Approved – Grade 2 Extended transmission range of up to 2000m/6500ft (line-of-sight)*